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I work long hours, so when the weekend arrives, I focus on family time and being in the great outdoors.

In the summer of 2020, I was waterskiing, my first slalom of the season. Everything was going great. The sun was shining, the water and wind were cooperating; and then the accident happened. It was sudden and especially frightening given my body was moving at a rapid pace over water.

As I crossed the wake, my back foot slipped out, while my front foot remained in place. I suffered a complete break of the right side of my right ankle (known as “snowboarder break”).

Fortunately, I am a proficient swimmer and was able to make it back to the boat (even though the pain was excruciating).

To avoid putting weight on my ankle, I was fitted for a walking boot and crutches. The injury led to many challenges in my daily life. Everything from driving, to getting dressed, to showering and moving my body in different directions, became a hassle.

I had to hop around to cook a meal and sleeping was uncomfortable, given I had to keep the boot on for the initial stage.

I could not do physio or achieve any level of respite until I met Greg; at which time I was able to put weight on my ankle, bootless.

Upon arrival at From The Ground Up, I quickly learned the meaning of the namesake. Greg explained to me that healing/treating the injury itself, was only part of the solution. He was going to study my body from my feet upward. Everything from the way I stood (pre- and post-injury), to my knees, hips, and certainly my posture; would be observed, and corrected.

I imagined arriving, having “hands on” treatment, an ice pack, and a few simple exercises.

Greg’s methods and intentions went way beyond any traditional physio.

All the while, as with most traumatic injuries, I feared and was highly, sensitive to every big movement I attempted, and the impact of such, upon my ankle. This worry took both an emotional and physical toll upon my entire being.

There were times when I worried it was going to take forever to heal and perhaps, never fully. I considered surgery but decided to dedicate myself to intense physio instead.

As my sessions with Greg continued, I found his methods of helping me find my centre and stretching out my foot, to be the most beneficial.

It’s been a long haul and I still visit Greg weekly to maintain the range of mobility I have achieved and to avoid any further complications.

One of my goals was to be able to ski this winter and thankfully, I spent Christmas break, skiing with my kids, with relatively no pain.

I always appreciated being healthy, mobile, and able to participate in my favourite sports, but this injury really put things into perspective.

Greg’s approach and passion for healing, motivated me to set the bar high. I have learned a lot about my body and understand that much like a car, it requires a “tune-up” every now and then, to ensure it runs at maximum efficiency.

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