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Our Story



My passion for movement and helping others along their own health journey developed from my own physical struggles. In 2013, I sustained an ankle injury that would forever change my life. What appeared to be a routine ankle sprain while playing football, developed into a chronic problem in my foot that caused me constant pain for 4 years.


I consulted and worked with many different rehab professionals to no avail and eventually underwent surgery. Unfortunately, this was only the beginning of my journey, as compensatory movementpatterns triggered hip and back pain that had not been there prior to the operation.


I had reached a low point and was struggling for answers. It was at this point that I knew I needed to dive deeper in order to understand my body if I was ever going to escape the pain I was experiencing. 


While my professional education includes a Bachelor of Science in Physiology and Kinesiology, and Masters in Physical Therapy at McGill University, my curiosity has always extended far beyond the classroom. I have spent thousands of hours learning from books, coaches online, attending courses and trying to gather as many perspectives on different therapeutic approaches, researching and experimenting which methods work and which don’t.

I began to incorporate a comprehensive approach that looked at the root causes behind my pain and considered the environmental factors—conventional footwear and excessive time in chairs to name a few—that were continuing to contribute to my poor global movement patterns. Over time, I diligently and methodically applied the concepts that I learned to slowly restructure my body.

Thankfully, I am now able to experience life pain-free, play the sports I love unimpeded by fear and go for long hikes barefoot (yes you read that correctly!) after not being able to stand for more than few seconds without pain.

With From the Ground Up, my aim is to help guide people through their own path of self-discovery on their health journeys and guide people to not only be pain-free, but to thrive in their everyday lives. Injuries are not only a process of recovery, but discovery; an opportunity to learn, be curious, to better understand your body, to correct issues,  improve efficiency and performance and tap into potential you never knew you had!


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