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Five years ago, I started to experience numbness in my left foot. This annoying feeling persisted, so I began the long process of visiting various medical specialists. First I went to my GP, who sent me to a neurologist. The neurologist sent me for scans and invasive testing. No diagnosis was made, nor was a solution provided. The neurologist said everything from the testing came back normal. Then I went to a podiatrist. He suggested I go to a neurologist (lol), as there could be many causes for numbness, but structurally the foot was normal.

The numbness (which was a 10 at the top of discomfort level), affected every aspect of my daily life. As time went on, I would wake up with a swollen, red ankle everyday.

Being a busy and productive person, I persevered just accepting this issue.

I was on Facebook and was reading Mike Cohen’s blog. He had written a story about Greg Stern, who had recently opened a physiotherapy clinic in Cote St. Luc. Greg mentioned in the interview, that he held a particular interest and formal training/education in foot injuries.

I had never been to a physiotherapist, nor had any of the physicians that I had seen, suggested this type of treatment. I had nothing to lose, so I called Greg and went for an appointment.

I was not sure about physiotherapy as it was completely unfamiliar to me. After my first consultation with Greg, I was happy to hear of his “holistic” approach. He explained to me that my entire body had to be in balance, and he taught me how to use my body and my everyday movements to maintain a full range of motion. He examined everything from how I stood, my posture, my cadence and most importantly my feet. He gave me successful exercises, which were easy and after every session sent me an email which explained in detail (including a video), how to do the exercises correctly at home, in case I forgot or needed extra guidance.

Greg really is an expert in foot care. I learned a lot from him, and his approach is very welcoming. He has great compassion and communicates in an effective manner.

Within 2 sessions, Greg managed to rid my foot of the numbness. I am grateful for his professionalism and look forward to recommending him to anyone who desires a competent and caring physiotherapist.

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