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Workshops temporarily on hold due to Covid-19 pandemic

"Intelligent people fix problems. Geniuses prevent them."




In addition to our individualized physio treatment, we also offer classes and workshops.


Our holistic workshops are here to give you back control over your health and wellbeing. They will educate and empower you to reclaim responsibility of your health and provide simple, actionable guidance on reclaiming strong, pain-free and resilient bodies. Having the skills and knowledge to take care of yourself is a vital part of wellbeing. We aim to inspire you to adopt a more proactive mindset when it comes to keeping their bodies moving and feeling well.

Moms & Dads, young & old, office and manual workers, weekend warriors as well as professional athletes – we are all exposed to the same constructs of modern society that lead to common movement dysfunctions. Our workshops are geared to everyone (symptomatic or not) seeking to optimize their physical health and improve their movement and lifestyle. 

Whether your goal is injury prevention, rehab or physical performance, our workshops are designed to be interactive education experiences that will help to transform your health by:

  • Creating more awareness about your body and teaching you how to move better 

  • Learning the root causes why most people tend to suffer from nagging aches & pain

  • Understanding how our environment shapes our behaviours and tips on modifying our day to day habits and physical space

  • Thinking differently about sitting, shoes and why your feet really matter

  • Exploring restorative exercises for feet, hips, spine and breathing patterns

  • Teaching behaviour change strategies for long term sustainable health


Invest in your health, you only have one body, let us help you take care of it!

Our team also offers workshops at interested facilities including workspaces, gyms, schools, banks, etc. If you have a facility and group of people in your area interested, contact us for details on hosting a course.

We host a variety of education events to cater to specific interests, levels of commitment and budgets.


In this workshop, we cover the fundamentals. We discuss the importance of our feet and their relationship to how the rest of the body functions, resolving common foot issues, consequences of modern footwear and what to look for instead, and the difference between prevention and treatment. We leave you with a toolbox of strategies and exercises to help you reclaim a strong foundation. 


From there, we go upstream: We discuss the connection between our feet and hips, the epidemic of hip dysfunction and why so many people are running into issues with their knees and lower backs. We will guide you through different pelvis and spine mobilizations to keep your hips moving well, a hip hygiene routine if you will. We finish by exploring the importance of hip stability through playful balance work and partner drills for the benefit of the mind and body.

Workshop registration includes access to the event, a customized lacrosse ball and a workshop flowsheet to follow along with during the session.


This workshop covers the foundation, and then dives deeper into the movement experience. 


We will guide you through the Anatomy in Motion (click here for more details) methodology leading you through a self-assessment of your posture and joint motions. This will begin a process of awareness (how you hold yourself and what movements you can and cannot do) so you can begin to understand the bigger picture in your own body.


From there, we will explore whole body movements and begin to re-introduce motions back into your body that it may subconsciously be avoiding due to previous injury. This is achieved through a process of experiencing movement outside your current comfort zone. By becoming aware of these movements over time, we begin to give your body more options to move better thereby getting over-worked joints and tissues to relax and joints and tissues that weren’t working properly, to start working harder/better. Ultimately, this is a process helping the body find a more centred, balanced, and efficient way of moving.

Workshop registration includes access to the event, a foot restoration kit (lacrosse ball and toe spreaders) and a workshop flowsheet to follow along with during the session.


We live in an amazing time - anyone can access any information on any topic. At our fingertips is thousands of years of accumulated knowledge delivered to us by the miracle that is the internet. With the newfound reality that information is more accessible now than ever, information itself is no longer power - clarity is power.  

People can often feel confused and overwhelmed with the abundance of conflicting information when it comes to taking care of their health. The average person may not have the knowledge or time to filter through the panacea of information available and instead rely on convenient tips delivered by usually uninformed individuals.

Our goal with this workshop is to guide you through the confusion and provide simple and actionable advice on these important health topics so you can begin to take control of your health and be the hero in your own health journey.


We deliver our best information on the topics of feet, footwear, movement, play, sleep, food, mobility, behaviour change, the environment and ways to reconnect with a sense of community and purpose in your life.

Workshop registration includes access to the event, a foot restoration kit (lacrosse ball and toe spreaders) and a workshop flowsheet to follow along with during the session.


Breathing and sleep…just reading those two words might put you to sleep.

The reality is that we are in fact living through an epidemic of catastrophic sleep loss. On average, humans are sleeping less now than ever before and we are just now starting to see the delayed consequences of this serious problem. Many people don’t understand the true importance of sleep and regularly neglect to obtain a full night of quality sleep.

While we give breathing lip service in songs, we assume that efficient breathing just happens. The truth is that few people in the industrialized world breathe in the same manner as when they were babies. Poor postures, prolonged periods of sitting, chronic stressors have all contributed to shallow, rapid breathing patterns which in turn lead to neck, shoulder and low back issues, low energy, difficulty sleeping, digestive issues and feedback to exacerbate anxiety. If poor breathing is a contributor to all these ailments, then imagine what would it mean to breathe well? The answer is right under our noses!


The road to improving in these encompassing health domains begins with a better understanding of the problem. Our mission is to deliver science-based education on the importance of sleep & breathing correctly and deliver actionable, digestible information that intuitively feels right so you can begin to take back control of your health.

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