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A 6-week strength and mobility program for active desk-bound workers that teaches you the best way to use your body's full movements to help you feel like your old self, move with more ease in your daily activities, relieve stiffness, walk & run with less effort and make your body feel stronger and more free than you ever have!
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Do Any Of These Sound Familiar?

You’re feeling confused over choosing the best method to physically perform at your best

You aimlessly follow workout classes that leave you feeling overworked, sore and tighter than when you started

You’re starting to feel old beyond your years, walking with less energy in your step

You’re not feeling at your peak, have a bit of wear and tear and know this isn’t normal...yet you struggle to find an answer to stop this decline you're experiencing.

You are struggling with foot, Achilles, knee, hamstring, quad, groin, hip or low back
aches, tightness or pains

But You Wish You Felt Like:

Your best physical days were ahead of you

You could move with ease during your daily activities

You could have fun, play sports and move around like you used to without worry about injury or feeling that it's not worth participating since you'll be sore for days after

You were strong and confident in your body, ready to take on on new physical challenges

You could find a better guidance in your physical self-care and get breakthroughs for yourself that give you lifelong returns

This Program Is For You If....

You enjoy training, playing sports, following workout classes, or hobbies, but are tired of the constant aches, pains, tightness that are HOLDING YOU BACK.
You want to reset your body by addressing the root cause of what leads to an achey body
You want build strength the right way so you have more fluid, effortless movement in your daily activities

You are tired of wasting time and money on endless stretching, foam rolling and isolated approaches that NEVER seem to have LONG lasting results

You are interested in getting fast results that will change how you view movement forever

You want to learn the exact exercises Greg uses with his athletes and general population clients to relieve chronic aches, stiffness and pain while helping to improve performance

Jennifer Gruia, Recreational Runner

"It really worked and best of all it gave me life long knowledge and exercises to not only keep my knee from being injured again, but also entire body concepts.My understanding about movement and mobility has expanded."

How It Works


Lifetime Access

Pay once and receive lifetime value and continued community support


Suitable For All Levels

Appropriately progressed with beginner & advanced variations for all ability levels.


No Gym, Minimal Equipment Needed

All you need is some open space and basic household items


Bang for Your Buck

We're all busy these days. This program is designed to use the least amount of your time possible while getting maximal results.​


Total Body Approach

Nothing works in isolation.
Complete strengthening and mobility program aimed to teach you to load your full body in three dimensions and learn essential movement skills for everyday life

My Name is Greg Stern,
Here is My Story

In 2013, I sustained an ankle injury that would forever change my life.


What appeared to be a routine ankle sprain, developed into a chronic problem in my foot that caused me constant pain for 4 years.

I felt broken, unbalanced and in constant pain.


I was afraid to train or play the sports I loved.


One bout of activity would set me back for days.


I tried physio, osteo, orthotics, orthpedic shoes.




I was frustrated, at my wits end, depressed, desperate, and searching for answers.


I had no direction, no hope, no strategy.


Eventually I went under the knife.


I woke up thinking that finally my problems would be over!


But this was ONLY the beginning…


A whole host of new compensatory problems developed, and I felt even lower..


I knew I needed to dive deeper to understand my body if I was ever going to escape the constant aches I was experiencing.


I became OBSESSED with understanding how the body moves and have spent thousands of hours and dollars experimenting and learning from the best therapists and movement coaches from around the world.


I chipped away slowly at my problems everyday, constantly experimenting and progressively making more and more progress.


Thankfully, I am now pain-free feeling movement freedom in a way that I never have had in my whole life, I can play the sports I love unimpeded by fear and go for long hikes barefoot (yes you read that correctly!) after not being able to stand for more than few seconds without pain.


With From the Ground Up, my aim is to help guide people through their own path of self-discovery on their health journeys and guide people to not only be pain-free, but to thrive in their everyday lives.


I have done the hard work vetting which strategies are most effective for creating long term change.


My skillset is centered around improving movement and performance for those looking to enjoy family time, for the average gym goer, fitness class junkie and higher level athlete. I specialize in progressive methodologies that are designed to identify and improve whole body limitations.


From The Ground Up Approach

This program recognizes the interconnection between the whole body and that nothing works in isolation.

We focus on regaining optimal mechanics and movement at the foundation (feet, hips, ribcage and spine) through full body strength & mobility exercises.


Included in this program are:

Breathing drills to facilitate a dynamic ribcage & pelvis

3D mobility & strength drills that mimic how we use our body during the gait (walking) cycle

Exercises that build strength and coordination between muscles in the lower body so that your whole body works together as a unit 

Leaping drills to train the body how to create elasticity and spring-like qualities for easier walking & running

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Easy to Follow Videos

I understand it can be challenging to learn an exercise through a video without having a coach to guide you through the process.

That's why I have highly detailed videos that each address:


  • The purpose of the exercise

  • How to execute the exercise with proper form

  • What you should feel

  • Common mistakes and how to correct them


Simple movements to do at your desk to break up your day and keep you moving well

Education on how to sit more comfortably

Recommendation on footwear & tools to use to help you regain a strong foundation
Latest science on behaviour change to best incorporate this program into your routine

Access to Private Community for support, feedback, connect with other members monthly Zoom Q&A's


Invest in Your Health.
You Only Have One Body,
Let Us Help You Take Care Of It!


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